What is natural and what isn't?

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In the blog I discuss the meaning of labels like "natural" and "organic".

In our Green Crafts store, the definition of "natural" is that products are free of any synthetic or petroleum oil-derived ingredients. In the case of craft supplies in particular, it's hard to find glues and paints which aren't synthetic, which is why we're trying to fill that gap.

What does "natural" mean to you? Do you think it's appropriately used in mainstream products, or is it just a marketing gimmick? Share your opinion!

This is one other side of the

This is one other side of the argument:

Anything that is man-made is not natural. Everything that was made by God is natural. If God created the world with all its oil and fossil fuels then it's natural. It's only unnatural if we create it artificially, like in a laboratory.