Your own personal stationary

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It is a wonderful idea - to create your own, personal stationary. Especially envelopes - they will tell your recipient right away, straight out of the mailbox, that they had received something special. Love letters, teenagers secrets, or correspondence with your children when they are away - it just has to be your own and unique message.

Unusual, interesting paper might be easy to find if you just look around - some used wrapping paper, a memorable pattern, printout from your computer with interesting snapshots or a drawing with secret signs... The possibilities are endless.

Once you have your paper, the rest is easy - cut your envelope to the right size and fold it. The only thing that you need now is the glue. In our Green Crafts store, you can find Natural Envelope Glue, which is strong, fast and unlike so-called "gum arabic" glue, it does not curl the paper. It is quite convenient to prepare a set of your envelopes in advance. The Envelope Glue can be applied in a thin layer, which dries into a smooth surface that can be just moistened when needed.

We have prepared various shades of the Natural Envelope Glue, simply to make it more interesting and to match your design. It's one more way for your letter to shout to your recipient, "Hi, it's me!"