Unnecessary Poisons

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There is never enough emphasis on how easily and carelessly we let poison into our homes. It is really amazing to see that we accept toxic chemicals simply because they are common, convenient and everybody does so. And because the manufacturers tell us that it is OK. But it is not.
Try to look for these common and powerful chemicals in your household products and ask yourself: why am I trying to exterminate myself and my family? Who makes me using these toxins – voluntarily?
One answer to this is that we all tend to overkill our small, everyday tasks with unnecessarily powerful chemicals. We use corrosive acids and dangerous bleaches, where simple soap would be sufficient. We try to disinfect our home, as if we would run a hospital with contagious diseases. We try to “freshen” our air instead of opening the window. We use killer-glues for common paper jobs, and super-solvents for crayon marks.

GREEN RULE: Do not buy and do not use unnecessarily powerful chemicals. ALWAYS start with a mild and preferably harmless, natural product, before reaching for the toxic chemicals. You will be truly surprised how much you can do without these poisons!