Green Crafts Products

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The philosophy behind our Green Crafts online store

Green crafting supplies are often hard to find. We were disappointed to see that many craft items are made with artificial ingredients or synthetic compounds.

We wanted to make sustainable, eco-friendly craft materials available to anyone, and this is what inspired us to open our Green Crafts online store. We invite you to have a look through our catalog.

Our promise to eco-friendly crafting

What you will find in our store:

  • Products designed with sustainability and the environment in mind
  • Everything based on 100% natural sources

What you will not find in our store:

  • Artificial materials
  • Any synthetic or petroleum-derived product

Glues and seal waxes

Glue: it's something that is normally completely synthetic and artificial. We have put time, research and effort into developping a glue that we are proud to say is 100% natural. No chemical additives are used. And it works great for all paper projects, and even glues paper to glass.

Wax: In any stationery or calligraphy project, a wax seal is an exquisite touch that instantly adds personality. But what are most waxes used today made of? Mostly, they are synthetic polymers with all sorts of chemical additives. We go back to what traditional waxes were made of: waxy plants leaves. Our waxes are 100% plant-based.

Artistic materials

In addition to our supplies, we have some delightful art items in our store as well. We are proud of our natural replica materials:

  • Our "faux ivory" is a natural-based solid material, with the shade and lustre of exotic, ancient ivory. We don't condone the use of real ivory in any way, so we think this is great, natural imitation.
  • Our "faux onyx" is also completely natural, and boasts a glossy, deep black finish. It makes for fantastic charms and amulets.
  • We also make a replica Soapstone, which features grey and green shading like the real thing.
  • We are continuously working on new natural materials and items, so you can enjoy the marvel of beautiful colors and shades.