Green Crafts philosophy

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It's what we touch. It's what we smell. It's what makes us smile.

It's impossible to change the world overnight. But what if, step by step, we tried making our lives less toxic, more natural, cleaner, safer?

What if we tried eliminating common irritants and synthetic chemicals just by making small, every-day decisions?

For instance, decisions to use a more natural product, instead of a synthetic chemical. Some of these chemicals seems to be almost "natural", because we have become so used to them, but they still can cause a sudden asthma or autism in your child - and no one would even know the real reason. Instead of trying to find out the reason when it is too late, it is time to start making these small decisions every day.
Green Crafts can make your small decisions easier by offering a variety of natural glues, paints and other craft essentials. Try them and decide for yourself.

Green Crafts Products

Our products are truly unique. They resulted from a scarce, but recently growing “naturalistic” trend in science, where passionate researchers combine advanced research methods with a simple goal to develop natural, non-toxic every day products. Instead of further advancing the use of petroleum-derived chemicals (and disillusioned by the greedy practices of large corporations) we have undertaken the challenge of using our team’s expertise to develop all-natural, biocompatible and biodegradable products. In our state-of-the-art research laboratories we try to replace these synthetic chemicals with naturally produced, sustainable components, which are even more practical and fun than the commonly used synthetics.

We offer you here the first–hand insight into these new products, which cannot be found in any other store. They are still experimental and not mass-produced, so we appreciate your comments and suggestions.

All sales of Green Crafts products entirely support further research on natural and sustainable products. If you buy a product today – you will become part of the future contribution to the greener world.

We offer full money-back warranty, if you are not satisfied with our Natural products in any way.