Beeswax candles qualities

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Beeswax is the true marvel of nature – full of aroma of honey, pollen and propolis (if only not bleached and distilled to remove them). These ingredients are heavier than beeswax itself and therefore do not soak up into the wick and do not burn in the flame. Instead, they remain in the warm paddle of the liquid wax and evaporate slowly – contributing to the health benefits that are widely evidenced for honey and propolis. This includes antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral activity of propolis, as well as its antiallergenic and anti-inflammatory property. It is therefore the most natural air cleaner and refresher, which has also a calming and relaxing therapeutic effect. If possible, choose therefore the most aromatic and naturally “contaminated” beeswax for your candles - to get the aromatherapy at its best.
In addition, beeswax candles have several practical advantages
• They burn slower and longer than paraffin candles
• They do not drip and have a warm, yellow flame, indicating more complete combustion than paraffin candles
• They create much less soot and particle matter

And most importantly – Beeswax candles have true magic embraced in their natural, lively energy coming from the devotion and perfection of the wonderful creature - honey bee.
So either for the straightforward health benefits, or to be able to tap into this primeval magical energy in your spiritual (and maybe metaphysical) experiences – beeswax candles offer their unmatched assistance.