The 100 uses of lemons

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Are there actually 100 uses for lemons? Probably! Lemons have plenty of uses at home. They're great at disinfecting and freshening the air, while giving a pleasant and natural aroma. Below we've compiled a list of some of the most interesting uses for lemon juice and rinds. If you know of more, let us know!

1. Freshen up your refrigerator – Put the juice from half a lemon into your regrigerator on a small sponge or cotton pad. It will refresh the refrigerator and remove stale odors, while adding a scent of lemon.

2. Polishing pots - Do not throw away the “empty” halves of the lemon. Wipe your aluminum pans and pots with them and polish with a soft cloth. It will with restore the shine and color of your aluminum pots.

3. Cleaning marble - Marble is porous and can stain easily. To remove tough stains, take half a lemon and dip the exposed side into salt. Then, rub the lemon over the stain vigorously. You'll be surprised how effective it is.

4. Cooking rice - To make your rice fluffy and prevent it from sticking, add a tablespoon of lemon juice to the boiling water. After cooling down, fluff with a fork.

5. Prevent browning - Avocados will remain green if sprinkled with lemon juice. The juice protects the avocado from oxidation and browning.

6. Remove stains from hands - Unable to remove stains on your hands from potatoes, fruits or beets? Put lemon juice on your hands, wait for a while, and the wash it off with soap and water. Repeat if needed.

7. Natural hair highlights – Make a solution of ½ cup of lemon juice added to 1 cup of water. Rinse your hair with this solution and wait in the sunshine until your hair dries. Lemon juice is a natural highlighter.

8. Freshen your breath - A simple remedy for bad breath is rinsing your mouth with lemon juice. This regulates the pH balance in your mouth so that odor-causing bacteria will not thrive. It's best to rinse your mouth out with water afterwards, because the acidity could damage your teeth over time.

9. Get rid of ants - This is an easy way to get rid of ants inside your home without resorting to insecticides. Spray some lemon juice in the areas where you spot them. If you can find where the ants entering on the outside of your house, place some lemon rinds there. The ants will not come back.

10. Say goodbye to cockroaches - A cockroach problem can be dealt with by washing your floors with a lemon juice solution: mix 2 litres, or half a gallon, of water with the juice and rinds of 2 lemons. Cockroaches will not be able to stand the smell of your floor.

11. Sweet smelling smoke - When you're lighting the fireplace, throw some lemon rinds into the fire. It will create a pleasant aroma.

12. Get more lemon juice - Here's a tip to get more juice out of your lemon. Before you cut it open, hit the lemon repeatedly against a counter or other hard surface. By smashing the inside structure of the lemon before you slice it, you make the juice easier to extract.

13. Treat insect stings - If you get stung by an bee or other bug, mix lemon juice with some water and apply to the sting to soothe it.

14. Auto-clean your microwave - If the inside of your microwave has tough-to-remove dirt, use this trick. Put 1 1/2 cups of water with 3 tablespoons of lemon juice into bowl and place it into the microwave. Heat it for 10 minutes, and the steam will make the dirt come off easily with a washcloth.

Have more ideas or tips? Share them! And let's see if we can really get the list up to 100.